The KnindProject is a project that makes games accessable for the blind.
its a very big project with currently a complete custom chess game called GeoChess with more games being developed along time the board will be used for all games so only the play pieces are being changed.

What games are we talking about?

Boardgames or digital games.
While most games out there have a flat board without any markings for the visually limited or fully blind people.
I try to make boards that can be seen by hands and pions that have a special design this way u can see what is what and where is where by just feeling the board or peices.

What did u make already?

Currently i made a full Chess boardgame and the base board for use on any game.
Working with the system geochess uses geometric shapes to show what pion is what and based on the base u can feel whos piece it is.
The board itself is a solid board with indents showing each square seperately with a plug hole in the middle all peices and gamemodes fit into these squares allowing multiple games to be played on it!

What games do u make?

Currently i make new ideas when time goes by.
But Blindwars is something i was thinking about something like seabattle but different board and pieces while the game is the same.
However when time goes by i might find other ideas aswell

Can i request something?

Yes you can always ask me however i dont know if things are possible or that if i have the time to do it.
but im always open for suggestions questions and feedback!
Check my contact page for more info on how to contact me!

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