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About MCGSoft

Who am i?

I'm Marvin.
My hobby is Making software and websites and help people with this knowledge.
I'm 28 Years old i do not have work and i love making things  in code or on my 3D printer.

Whats MCGSoft?

MCGSoft was long time ago MCorporation as a child i my fantasy was to have my own ICT Company.
basicly it was a fake name for all things i made.
Some time after that when i grew older i had some friends having the same passion as me.
We started working together for people who do not have much money but do want to improve their website / Shop / Software / Idea and called ourselves the M Corp Group
Standing for Marvins Coorporative Group
In that time we made different things for free like MOSDS a App for the Nintendo DS and up thats basicly like a phone it contains different apps like a painting app a calculator a internet browser and more.
It where one of the biggest projects of that time.
As the time passes my friends had other hobby's they liked more so they stopped.
From then on im the only one left i changed the name once again to MCGSoft (basicly MCorpGroupSoft) but well im not a group anymore.
I make software under this flag plugins and websites too and i think that even when you cant work because of personal issues you can still make a difference for people.
Help them with your own expertise.

i do not have any certificate showing my skill but i do have mucht skill. and i hope that MCGSoft can help you make your life more easy or More Functional.

Your Expertise

In Coding Languages

the following Languages:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS (Mostly)
  • JS (Mostly)
  • NodeJS (Partly)
  • GML
  • MYSQL (Mostly)
  • JAVA
  • VB.Net (Forms)
  • C# (Can Read partly write)
  • JQuery (Partly)
  • MSSQL (Partly)
  • GCode (Mostly)

How old is MCGSoft

Including Previous names

Well i have no idea anymore. but if i calculate it. i was around 8 when i started making software so the closest thing i can think of at least 19-20 years old

Why are you cheap

for the software and plugins

A single very simple answer!

I think everyone should have a chance and a open creative mind.

i do not like company's that ask a ridiculess amount of money for something simple

thats why i do not work by time basis or per contract. i work per software based on a template i get given





Mobile Apps:

  • MCG RTX < Tracker for delivery services made for a restaurant (friend of mine)
  • BC Connect <  For windows / Web / Android


  • Business Commander
  • Rust Manager SE
  • Writer
  • Timer SX
  • Bingo Studio
  • FTDU
  • MCBU
  • PSP Manager
  • MC Buddy Finder (available here)
  • BannerBoard Maker
  • System Manager
  • PC Manager 1
  • PC Manager 2
  • GM Force
  • FPSC Launcher
  • MC Achievement Builder (available here)
  • GG Client
  • GG Launcher
  • MCG SoundBoard
  • RR Maker (available here)
  • License Manager
  • MCG VS Games
  • RD Web Manager
  • Cooking Studio
  • BC Authenticator
  • MCG Receiver
  • SP Plugin Studio
  • Changelog Maker

Spigot Plugins (Java modules voor Minecraft):

For a more up2date list check :