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20 jun 2017

Ultra Cosmetics 2.4.7

The Review Video

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Unique gadgets and more
many things to try
gadget ammo and treasure chest system
everything is permission based to control usage
used for all kinds of servers (best for lobby)
Its FREE! and opensource!


some gadgets will kill hurt or push players
when using it on survival morphs suits and mounts are to overpowered.
do not use it on a pvp server as it gets unbalanced
it can give lag with to much players in the same area with all particles and such enabled

Visit the Spigot page here:
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UltraCosmetics score
  • Easyness
  • Lag?
  • Features
  • Usefullness
  • MCG Rating
  • Configurating Easyness?


Its a very well done plugin.
Its not very usefull but its a good plugin to spend some time with.
it has many unique features and its good to use.
The commands ingame are sometimes a bit annoying but the gui’s are good to use.
the ammo system is also something thats great it prevents players from spamming everything endlessly.
to be short its a great plugin for lobby servers and a good plugin for survival and any other type
but do not use it on a pvp server as it causes balance issues!

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