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23 sep 2018

Stew Plugin review 3.3

The Review Video

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Brew potions with multiple effects
Completely customiseable
Easy to configurate
No lag and easy to learn


Can sometimes glitch the cauldron (will be fixed by author)
sometimes the explosion happens quickly you can configurate it to make it better.
spamm emptying the cauldron can cause only 2 bottles to be delivered instead of 3

Visit the Spigot page here:
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Stew Score
  • Easyness
  • Lag?
  • Features
  • Usefullness
  • MCG Rating
  • Configurating Easyness?


The plugin works very well it has some hiccups but that doesnt stop the awesome functionality
The plugin offers a wide range basically unlimited way of making food and potions that are normally not craftable or brewable in vanilla.
Its a real challenge to make the best potions without blowing up your base or house but the results are awesome.
its easy to configurate it points the way by it self. and the support for this plugin is very good within a day at time of recording.
to conclude its easy its fast and its very handy ingame i really recommend it for those who wanna add and alter the cooking and brewing and make a useless block a usefull block!

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