MCG Rust Manager Special Edition

This app is the all in one solution for those who are hosting Rust servers or wanna host rust servers.
It makes life way more easy and combines many programs into one!
It includes RCon Server Creation and much more!


Rocket Launch your server in 3 minutes or less!

Easily manage your server using intergrated RCon

One Click updater works without affecting the servers directly

Automaticly update server with downloaded update once it starts!

Configurate everything in a single GUI

General Console overview for system messages

Easy Warn system warns you in case something is wrong!

Lightweight uses between 20 - 100 MB Ram MAX and a single Core

Power up the modded experience!

Umod (oxide) supported
install Oxide (umod) with one click in the app!
Keep it updated with one click aswell!

Manage plugins fast and easy from the Umod site enter the link to the file once.
and update it endlessly with one click
you can even update all your plugins at once!

Seperated plugins per server easy fast and synced.
only add the plugins you want to the server you select that way different servers stay different. and its fast just seconds and hundreds of plugins are updated on all servers

Checkout our Demonstration