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09 nov 2017

Plugin Review Living Blocks

The Review Video

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All blocks are supported!
Good Support
Its Free!
Its a Unique feature.
Easy to configurate and use


Can be annoying when finding lots of them.
Needs some time to set it correctly based on what you want.
Not recommended on a Large Scale server because those are still entity's and there is no limit on them.

Visit the Spigot page here:
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Blocks Alive Score
  • Easyness
  • Lag?
  • Features
  • Usefullness
  • MCG Rating
  • Configurating Easyness?


Its a very funny plugin.
It has it all from configurating the health to the strenght.
Its not a usefull feature for the server but its fun to use to make it more challenging.
it doesnt give any lag at all and its easy to use with just 4 commands.
and it does not need manual input at all.

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