What is the MCG Review Emblem?

The MCGSoft Plugin Review emblem is proof that the plugin is officially reviewed by MCGSoft.
It includes the end score the name of the plugin and version aswell as the review date.
Plugins that hold this emblem on there information page are safe to buy or download be sure to check the version and the review page on MCGSoft to get more information if they still  are valid to hold the emblem.
If any plugin is not following the rules stated down below anymore there emblem will be removed.
Just report the plugin not following the rules to mmuziek (on MCGsoft website or on spigot by sending a PM) it will be solved as fast as possible.

Did you get a review already? then you got a unique review id by Private message on spigot with that id you can get your emblem on the right >>>
Underneath are some examples

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