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12 aug 2018

Luck perms 4.2.58

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Very Easy to use
Quick Install
Web based perm editing
Fully featured
suggestions for permissions


Does not have build in chat support (for prefix/suffix)
To have worldguard support you need to install another addon.
its Big so sometimes you have to search for the right option

Visit the Spigot page here:
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Luck Perms Score
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  • MCG Rating
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To make it short.
Its a very good and amazing permission management system. its full of features that can make it a maze sometimes but it does give you helpfull information.
Editing the configuration looks easy but it requires a good understanding of the english language because even i could not understand everything clearly due to the fact that it has some advanced features only pros should use
it does miss some support for Chat management (changing and showing prefixes and suffixes) and it does not support worldguard out of the box. you need a addon for it
I do recommend this if you want it as easy as it can get.

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