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20 jan 2018

Emoji 1.0 Plugin Review

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Easy to use!
Its free
You can give perms per Emoji
Its all toggleable from ingame
No Config editing needed!


There are not many emoji in it yet.
You cannot add your own Emoji's yet
It only contains the replace feature at the moment so it can be improved

Visit the Spigot page here:
Click here

  • Easyness
  • Lag?
  • Features
  • Usefullness
  • MCG Rating
  • Configurating Easyness?


Its a very small but easy to use plugin.
Its free and doesnt require any config editing so its plug and play.
But i have to say it needs more improvement.
For example you cannot add your own emoji and it doesnt include many emoji’s yet.
But that can be improved.

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