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12 aug 2018


The Review Video

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A extreme command collection
Everything is supported for every command
everything is permission locked so player custom


A lot of permissions are not listed on the info page.
Some commands have little to no explanation so you need to figure stuff out yourself.
its not made antilag so doing laggy stuff can cause problems.
Some commands use strange arguments to work so it can take some time to get used to it

Visit the Spigot page here:
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To conclude this is a plugin that has it all.
But with that argument has it all it comes with a load of learning.
Many features speak for their own but there are some that require a lot of trial and error to get it like you want it to work.
Some arguments are not easy to understand and the config is HUGE. but if you set everything up.
its really recommended to replace your old 20 -40 plugins to 1 big all in one version

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